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Packing Glassware

Want to pack away the kitchen glassware in the safest manner possible? Andrew Foster takes less than a minute to show us the easiest way of doing just that.

Packing Wine Glasses

Last week we learned about packing glassware for your move, but not all glasses were created equal. Some glassware is much more fragile. Wine glasses and champagne flutes are known for their fragility. Watch as Andrew Foster shows us the easiest way to store these fragile pieces.

Packing Dinner Plates

Learn the proper technique for packing delicate wine glasses to ensure they stay safe during transport. In the next tutorial, our expert Andrew will guide you through the process of properly packing dinner plates for storage or future use.

Packing Plants Away

Glass and dinnerware can be delicate, but household items are as delicate as a houseplant. So how should we pack those? Do we still use a box? Should they be left in the open, or do we need to wrap them? Victoria Mover – Andrew Foster shows us the quickest and best way to pack our plants.